Contractor Safety Program and Checklist


    • Providing training to the supervisor to make sure that the Contractor Health and Safety Agreement understood and signed by the contractor.

      The Contractor Safety Program will ensure whether the contractors follow the company’s policy and contractor program according to Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations.

      The Contractor Safety Program will focus on safety of the worker, safe workplace environment and to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.

      This policy requirements emphasize all contractors must initiate any work with the approval of the company contractor check list. The approved contractor must sign the required documents as agreed in the policy.

      This course includes:

    • The Health and Safety representative responsibilities to keep the list of Approved Contractors. This list shall be reviewed annually.
    • The Joint Health and Safety Committee and contractor’s adherence to their health and safety roles and responsibilities when conducting monthly inspections.
    • Procedures and communications are lead by the supervisor to the contractor and appropriate company staff.
    • Ensuring supervisor is responsible to ensure that the contractor is trained and in turn the contractors employee’s or sub-contractors are trained.
    • Evaluation of this procedure will be done on an annual basis OR if corrective action is identified due to an injury/ illness or incident as a result of a Contractor.
    • Any health and safety issues addressed immediately by the supervisor.



    • Contractor Health and Safety Agreement Checklist
    • Contractor Health and Safety Responsibility Agreement
    • Health and Safety Rules and Regulations


Health and Safety Support