Accident Incident Investigation


  • All employers are legally entitled to accident / incident investigation in the workplace for serious injuries, illnesses and death.

    We are helping the employers to take step by step approach to an investigation to determine cause of the incidents and how to prevent further accidents in future.

    We provide hands on practical on-site training to investigate workplace accidents/incidents through our systematic approaches and effective recommendations including documents such as forms, checklist and handouts that facilitate the investigation.

    The course includes:

    • How to conduct an Accident / an investigation?
    • What are the legal requirements of an incident’s investigation?
    • Why is important to notify immediately to WSIB?
    • What are the circumstances requiring an investigation?
    • How to prepare an Accident / Incident report?
    • What are the roles and responsibilities of the workplace parties?
    • How to respond to an accident/incident’s investigation?
    • Why is Important to follow-ups after the incidents?

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